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Habbo Rare Values

Habbo Tips

World Habbo Hotels
Habbo Tips
Habbo Cheats/Hacks

Alt Codes
You must type these in the numbers on the keypad, not the horizontal row of numbers on your keyboard. Here are the codes:

Open another window for habbo
simply push ctrl+N while your are logged in on Habbo Hotel and another window will open so you can have two or more habbos in the hotel at once.

Taking a screenshot/screenie
Taking a screenshot is very easy. Simply press the "Print Screen" button located near the insert key in your keyboard when you want to copy the current screen being displayed. Then go into any paint program (eg. Microsoft Paint) and press "Ctrl" and "V". Then save the image, edit it and maybe send it to me to put on the screenie page.

Type in :performance in any room and a box like the one below will pop up. In this box is the performance of Habbo at that time.


Please send me any comments and questions here.